About Us

Who are we?

VesperTwine is primarily run by Cali (she/her), an artist with a passion for creating the things she gets stuck in her head she needs to make. She could not do it without the help of her girlfriend Sam (she/her) who is always ready to chip in physically and emotionally as designated moral support. 

What is Block Printing?

The block printing process starts with the transfer of a design to a linoleum block. After that, blades of various sizes are used to carve the lino until the raised portion is ready to be inked. Cali uses her most beloved possession, her teal blue printing press to transfer the design from the lino block to each t-shirt, paper print, and anything else she can get her hands on. 

How long does that process take?

Depending on the size and detail of the block, it can take Cali anywhere from 1 to 20 hours to carve. The printing process for t-shirts can take about 5-10 minutes per shirt, after which each design needs 7 days to fully dry and set into the shirt. 

Who makes the Blankets?

Cali's girlfriend Sam designs and crochets every blanket by hand. Each one has a unique design and color scheme that has been planned out well in advance. Only one of each blanket is made, and on average it takes her about 75-100 hours to complete. 

What makes us cool?

VesperTwine is a small, lgbt owned art shop that will always make you a priority. Our goal is to make people smile with our art while we constantly look for new ways to be as eco-friendly as possible. Our packaging is minimal to reduce waste and our mailers are 100 percent compostable.

Thanks for checking out our little shop!